Optimal Gum Health for Seniors

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Optimal Gum Health for Seniors

As we age, caring for our gums becomes crucial for overall health. Gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to severe issues like swollen or bleeding gums and even tooth loss. But it’s not just about your mouth; studies have shown that gum disease can also affect your overall health, increasing the risk of conditions like heart disease and cognitive decline.

The Connection Between Gum Health and Your Well-being

Studies have shown that gum disease isn’t just about your mouth; it affects your whole body. Research from the University of Southampton and King’s College London revealed a link between gum disease and faster cognitive decline in early Alzheimer’s patients. In those with gum disease, cognitive decline occurred six times faster on average.

The Facts About Gum Disease in Seniors

It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience gum disease. In fact, studies have shown that over 14% of seniors aged 65 to 74 have moderate or severe gum disease, with the percentage increasing to more than 20% for those over 75. Men and smokers are particularly at risk, with higher rates of gum disease compared to women and non-smokers.

Steps to Maintain Optimal Gum Health

Keeping your gums healthy is simple! Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes to get rid of plaque, the sticky bacteria layer causing gum issues. Remember to floss too! It clears food bits and plaque from between teeth where your brush can’t reach.

Regular visits to the dentist are also essential for maintaining gum health. Our team can perform a thorough evaluation of your gums and create a personalized plan to keep them healthy. By taking these simple steps, you can protect your gums and lower your risk of gum disease-related health issues as you age.

Don’t let gum disease slow you down. Take control of your oral health today for a happier, healthier tomorrow. Visit Wellness Smiles Dentistry, where our dentist in Indian Land, SC, is committed to helping seniors maintain optimal gum health.

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