Bacteria Decontamination in Indian Land

Bacteria Decontamination Near You

As the name indicates, bacteria decontaminant treatment in Indian Land is a process done to eliminate bacteria deposits in the mouth and prevent future buildup. At Wellness Smiles Dentistry, we use laser technology to accomplish this, guaranteeing a more comfortable and efficient procedure.

If you’d like to find out more about this unique dental technique, arrange a visit with our dentist near you. Dr. Ajayi will be glad to assist you!

bacteria decontamination near you

What Does This Procedure Involve?

To begin, you will need to attend a preliminary consultation with Dr. Ajayi, so your smile can be fully examined. X-rays will be taken if Dr. Ajayi deems it necessary. Your hygiene practices, smile goals, and preferences will also be discussed. This information helps us put together an accurate picture of your dental case and advise the most appropriate treatment.

Regarding bacteria decontamination specifically, this procedure is provided to patients who need assistance clearing away bacteria and plaque deposits that have amalgamated over time, namely in places that are difficult to brush. It can also be done to remedy the effects of gum disease.

Dr. Ajayi uses a soft tissue laser that can accurately target debris without damaging surrounding tissues or your teeth. Any areas of your gums touched by the laser can be easily resealed once your smile is clean. Although local anesthesia is not often needed, please let us know if you need additional care to remain at ease.

Advantages of Bacteria Decontamination

There are numerous benefits to receiving this treatment from our dentist in Indian Land:

  • Safe.At Wellness Smiles Dentistry, we use laser technology that has been proven safe and reliable for patients of every age.
  • Effective.Dental lasers are extremely precise, capable of targeting bacteria without impacting other oral structures. As a result, this can be done quickly and smoothly.
  • Non-Invasive.No incisions or needles are needed. You’ll be able to remain comfortable while regaining control of your oral health.
  • Quick Recovery.With laser dentistry, patients experience little to no bleeding, swelling, or pain. Additionally, the procedure can help manage gum disease and prevent infections and tooth decay from arising.

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